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  • Freedom - Crim and Denek: Episode 00 Freedom - Crim and Denek: Episode 00
    Both the beginning and the end of the Crim and Denek Chronicles (yeah we know that's weird), start here to dive into the strange world of the Novacula conflict.
  • Eleuthera - Lucid Space: Book 1 Eleuthera - Lucid Space: Book 1
    The first book in the Lucid Space collection, and the start of an adventure like nothing you've ever read before. Highly recommended!
  • Choice - Crim and Denek: Episode -01 Choice - Crim and Denek: Episode -01
    Follow the Warriors of Light deeper into the Novacula conflict and discover the pivotal consequences of their at times very personal choices.
  • Power - Crim and Denek: Episode -02 Power - Crim and Denek: Episode -02
    The third installment in the series vastly expands on the chronicles of the Novacula, delving ever deeper into the lives of the two warriors.
  • Sadaka - Lucid Space: Book 2 Sadaka - Lucid Space: Book 2
    The highly anticipated sequel rejoins the popular group of characters as they unravel the mystery of jTech and the secrets of each other.
  • Truth - Crim and Denek: Episode -04 Truth - Crim and Denek: Episode -04
    As time moves ever further backwards, the complexity and strangeness of the Novacula conflict exposes ever more of its haunting beauty.
"A scifi story with something to say (how about that?), great technical detail, interesting characters, and a hauntingly beautiful setting. I like these guys :)."
- Sienna, Smashwords Review
"Very useful techniques in an easy to digest package."
- Alan Podmore (via Amazon)
"Eleuthera is a novel of ideas ... you won't regret buying a ticket."
- Matt Bille, "The First Space Race"
"I very much enjoyed and recommend this book to anyone that enjoys SciFi. This is Ewig's very first novel and it's a masterpiece of writing."
- Jim Arrowood, Jim's Sci-Fi Blog
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Ralph Ewig Empowering Excellence
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Ralph Ewig Power
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Joseph Pearson Tiny Earth Declares War on Earth
Space Seeds posted by Ralph Ewig
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Audacy closed a 2M Seed Round, and added 4 new employees this week. Fittingly, our investors span the globe including Europe, the US, China, Japan, and Brazil. We are extremely fortunate, and more than a little awed, to have attracted such a broad group of investors, including 6 organizations and 2 angels. With their support, we are now fully funded to complete the second phase of our development roadmap.

Getting a space startup of the ground (literally) is tough, and much like the tender seedling in the Martian (which is going to be awesome, go watch it!), it will take a careful, imaginative, and persistent approach to grow Audacy into the future. We are now fully lined up to deliver on our initial objectives, with a highly capable team as diverse as our financial backers.

Later this month, we'll move to a larger office to accommodate our growing numbers, and we continue to scour the planet for amazing talent to join our team. Above all, our most sincere thank you to all our supporters and their amazing vote of confidence in our epic vision. We will deploy all of our intellectual horsepower, creativity, and relentless drive to make it real!

Audacy is Hiring posted by Ralph Ewig
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given our recent successes, we are now actively hiring to grow the team! Audacy is the most daring space startup to come out of Stanford to date; our vision is of epic scale and we move at blazing speed. Our team averages 3+ different languages per person; we execute on a global stage. What we do has the potential to fundamentally change how humans operate in space, for the benefit of everyone on the planet; and far beyond.

Come work in an amazing space located at the heart of Silicon Valley with free food & drinks all day to keep you fueled, and help shape a culture where your manager is you. We set no limit on paid time off; you decide when & how much to work to get the job done. You also choose how much of your compensation should be equity versus cash.

Take a look at the open positions, but even if you don't see a direct fit we are always looking for great talent, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Moving Day posted by Ralph Ewig
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Today we settled in our new office space at Ame Cloud Ventures. The space is bright and airy with lots of room to grow, and more importantly everyone at Ame has been super welcoming. It's a great privilege to be part of their Founder In Residence community.

After carting trunks full of IT equipment to our new desk space and settling in, our work productivity has already taken a leap forward too. I'm excited to start growing the team, and get the place buzzing with activity! Keep an eye on our website if you interested in joining a rocket ship startup (pun intended); we'll be posting several job openings by the end of next week.

BlackSky Global posted by Ralph Ewig
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Earth imaging continues to heat up with BlackSky Global announcing plans to deploy a 60 satellite constellation by 2019. Based in Seattle, the company is backed by Paul Allen and states its mission as "to deploy and operate the infrastructure to enable constant global awareness while democratizing access to satellite imaging data. We envision an open, intelligent future where enhanced global observation leads to positive change and decision-making and a better understanding of the world in which we live."

BlackSky Global […] today revealed its plan to provide high-resolution images of the globe at an unparalleled cost and frequency. The company plans to deploy six satellites in 2016 and have a full 60-satellite imaging constellation by 2019, bringing "satellite imaging as a service" to those businesses, organizations and governments that cannot or do not wish to capitalize their own constellations. Traditionally it takes days or weeks to receive a commercial satellite image due to limited imaging opportunities and priority constraints.

Urthecast Expansion Plans posted by Ralph Ewig
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Urthecast recently streamed HD video from its ISS platform for the first time and has now announced plans to expand its operations with a fleet of 16 new satellites. The Earth observation industry is one of Audacy's primary user segments, and it continuous to grow at break neck speed. The ability to capture images and/or video at any point on Earth in near real time is a fundamental enabler for many future services such as self driving cars or optimal use of Earth resources in farming, energy, and global transportation. Urthecast  deployment is planned through 2020, aligning with Audacy's planned service launch in early 2019.

The Generation 3 system will consist of at least 16 satellites in two orbital planes. The satellites will operate in pairs, one carrying a high-resolution camera and the other an L- and X-band synthetic aperture radar. The company said the satellites will be placed in orbit on multiple launches in 2019 and 2020.
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