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  • Freedom - Crim and Denek: Episode 00 Freedom - Crim and Denek: Episode 00
    Both the beginning and the end of the Crim and Denek Chronicles (yeah we know that's weird), start here to dive into the strange world of the Novacula conflict.
  • Eleuthera - Lucid Space: Book 1 Eleuthera - Lucid Space: Book 1
    The first book in the Lucid Space collection, and the start of an adventure like nothing you've ever read before. Highly recommended!
  • Choice - Crim and Denek: Episode -01 Choice - Crim and Denek: Episode -01
    Follow the Warriors of Light deeper into the Novacula conflict and discover the pivotal consequences of their at times very personal choices.
  • Power - Crim and Denek: Episode -02 Power - Crim and Denek: Episode -02
    The third installment in the series vastly expands on the chronicles of the Novacula, delving ever deeper into the lives of the two warriors.
  • Sadaka - Lucid Space: Book 2 Sadaka - Lucid Space: Book 2
    The highly anticipated sequel rejoins the popular group of characters as they unravel the mystery of jTech and the secrets of each other.
  • Truth - Crim and Denek: Episode -04 Truth - Crim and Denek: Episode -04
    As time moves ever further backwards, the complexity and strangeness of the Novacula conflict exposes ever more of its haunting beauty.
"The richness of Eleuthera's world is amazing! This book should be on the top of your list this year. READ IT!"
- Olivia, Amazon Review
"Very useful techniques in an easy to digest package."
- Alan Podmore (via Amazon)
"Fun, smart and deep thinking at the same time. Highly recommended!"
- Anonymous, Barnes and Noble Review
"Eleuthera is a great read; nicely done!"
- Eric Bobinsky, “Terasphere”
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Ralph Ewig Empowering Excellence
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Ralph Ewig Power
2013-05-03 17:00:00
Joseph Pearson Tiny Earth Declares War on Earth
Wanderers posted by Ralph Ewig

A breathtaking short movie of humans advancing across our Solar System, created by Erik Wernquist. Using all we know of the various moons and planets in our system today, this video creates visual illustrations of what life could be like for the humans who choose to settle them; all of which is paired with a classic voice over sound track by Carl Sagan.

Science fiction doesn't do space justice. A new short film combines what we actually know with Carl Sagan's vision of reaching for the stars -- with awe-inspiring results. "Maybe it's a little early. Maybe the time is not quite yet. But those other worlds -- promising untold opportunities -- beckon. Silently, they orbit the Sun, waiting."

Distant Horizons posted by Ralph Ewig
full size image

this amazing image shows all 7 worlds where human machines have visited to date. Each has its very own character, making it unique, and each image summarizes countless years of effort and dedication by all the people who made them possible. The lineup includes 3 planets (Earth, Venus, Mars), 2 Moons (Luna, Titan), 1 Asteroid (Itokawa), and most recently 1 comet (67P/C-G).

The image was originally created by Mike Malaska from the University of Arizona, and then updated by Michiel Straathof to add the recent Rosetta mission (first to land on a comet). Here’s to hoping that it will continue to grow rapidly!

Stories for a Better Future posted by Ralph Ewig

Ideas are what sparks visions of what is possible, and ultimately the realization of a better future. Project Hieroglyph leverages the power of stories to ignite that spark. Supported by some of the biggest names in science fiction, it makes for pretty good entertainment too.

Inspiration is a small but essential part of innovation, and science fiction stories have been a seminal source of inspiration for innovators over many decades. In his article entitled "Innovation Starvation," Neal Stephenson calls for a return to inspiration in contemporary science fiction. That call resonated with so many and so deeply that Project Hieroglyph was born shortly thereafter.

What science fiction stories--and the symbols that they engender--can do better than almost anything else is to provide not just an idea for some specific technical innovation, but also to supply a coherent picture of that innovation being integrated into a society, into an economy, and into people's lives.

While the mission of Project Hieroglyph begins with creative inspiration, our hope is that many of us will be genuinely inspired towards realization.

Space Amazons Wanted posted by Ralph Ewig
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Men and women are different, and it shows when you crank up the pressure. Space is possibly the most extreme environment humans ever visited, and not surprisingly it amplifies the differences between genders. The first conclusion of a recent NASA report on human responses to the space environment was “we need more women in space”, but I think they are wrong. We need more diversity in space.

Six articles published in this month's Journal of Women's Health reveal how male and female astronauts differ. "When the body goes into space it adapts very quickly, very dramatically, and the differences we see between men and women can have significant impact," Saralyn Mark, a senior medical adviser at NASA and an author on the report, told me in a phone interview alongside co-author Bette Siegel of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

Siegel added that these differences are even more important given plans for long-duration missions to deep space, and even Mars, that will include both male and female astronauts. "Therefore, we need to make sure that we're studying women so that when we do develop these kind of measures, they work for both and men and women to protect their health and enhance their performance in ...

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Ambition posted by Ralph Ewig

a stunningly beautiful scifi short film promoting the real world ESA Rosetta comet hunting mission, and featuring no less than Game of Thrones veteran Aiden Gillen (Littlefinger). I love this thing, it’s epic. It’s spoon bendingly mad, and the dialogue a little clunky in places, but it is bar none the best space exploration promotion video I’ve ever seen.

Over the weekend, the European Space Agency (ESA) released a short film entitled Ambition, directed by Tomek Bagi?skiand starring Game of Thrones veteran Aidan Gillen as Littlefinger-in-space. It's a promotional video for the comet-hunting Rosetta mission disguised as a slick futurist short, and it's about as subtle as an explosion at an anvil factory.

Which raises the question: Why don't space agencies use sci-fi and speculative fiction as PR tools more often? Despite scouring the internet nearly all morning, I couldn't find a comparable short film for any other modern space mission, though many seem perfectly calibrated for science fiction.

On a side note, this also happens to be my 1000 th blog post, difficult to believe it’s been so many already; check out the [Read the Full Article]

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